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Catapult Book of the Month Subscription

Catapult Book of the Month Subscription

The Book Catapult is all about discovery - finding those books that you didn't know you needed in your reading life. What better way to discover those reads than by leaving things in our capable bookselling hands?

Available in 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscriptions, the Catapult Book of the Month makes a great gift for your literary explorer friend or a sweet bonus for your own self!  

  • Fiction option: one new paperback fiction book per month. 
  • Nonfiction option: one new paperback nonfiction book per month. 
  • Surprise Me! option: either one fiction or one nonfiction each month, different every time. It's a surprise!

Subscription pricing is $60 for 3 months, $120 for 6 months, or $240 for 12 months. Subscriptions for delivery will ship by the 15th of every month - in-store pickup selections will be available after the 15th as well. New subscriptions will be eligible for the current month's selection before the 10th of the month.

Catapult Book of the Month books are non-returnable & non-exchangeable. Trust us! We won't send you anything terrible to read. If you're not into it, find a friend to gift it to or stick it in a little free library in your neighborhood and wait for the next month's selection!

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