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3 Month Subscription

3 Month Catapult Book of the Month Subscription

Catapult Subscriptions

The Book Catapult is all about discovery - finding those books that you didn't know you needed in your reading life. What better way to discover those reads than by leaving things in our capable bookselling hands?

  • Fiction option: one new paperback fiction book per month. 
  • Nonfiction option: one new paperback nonfiction book per month. 
  • Surprise Me! option: either one fiction or one nonfiction each month, different every time. It's a surprise!

Catapult Book of the Month books are non-returnable & non-exchangeable. Trust us! We won't send you anything terrible to read. If you're not into it, find a friend to gift it to or stick it in a little free library in your neighborhood and wait for the next month's selection!

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