All Mapped Out: Stories of Arrivals, Departures, and Life Journeys (Paperback)

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All Mapped Out is the newest collection of stories from The Edmonton Writers' Group. One of Edmonton's longest-running writing groups. The stories in this book showcase the talents of a group of authors from throughout the area. Previous EWG collections like Between the Shelves and Edmonton: Unbound both revolved around a central theme. All Mapped Out follows that same format.

Our authors write in a variety of genres, including romance, science fiction, mystery, crime fiction, historical fiction and non-fiction, and many write stories that revolve around world-building.

Having a central theme helped challenge the creativity of each member who submitted a story. If you think All Mapped Out is a geography book, you would be letting your mind wander in the wrong direction. Each of the fifteen stories is about the journey each author takes you on. Some will make you laugh or bring a tear to your eye, and others will take you to a magical or futuristic destination. Whatever the final destination our stories take, we hope getting to the end is half the fun.

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ISBN: 9781773542393
ISBN-10: 1773542397
Publisher: Pagemaster Publishing
Publication Date: November 25th, 2020
Pages: 336
Language: English