Run Walk Crawl: A Caregiver Caught Between Generations (Paperback)

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Imagine running a marathon that you didn't intend to compete in, let alone train for. The finish line is nowhere in sight, and the stakes are your family's safety and happiness...

Such is the situation of family caregivers, many of them women, who suddenly find themselves trying to simultaneously hold down a job, build a family, and care for elderly parents. Struggling to put on a good face to hide their stress, they compartmentalize their roles and push through their days--treading most carefully when navigating the multigenerational workplace.

Written with a spirit of perseverance and knowing "this too shall pass," Run, Walk, Crawl: A Caregiver Caught Between Generations, describes Sarahbeth Persiani's "marathon"--her deeply personal story about figuring out how to meet the daily demands of work and family while taking on increasing responsibility for her aging father. By turns funny, insightful, and poignant, this memoir chronicles her successes, her failures, and, ultimately, her goodbye to a hard-earned, respected professional persona on the way to miraculously finding her better self.

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ISBN: 9781733399050
ISBN-10: 1733399054
Publisher: We Are Sharing the Sun
Publication Date: April 20th, 2020
Pages: 320
Language: English