Teen Leadership Revolution: How Ordinary Teens Become Extraordinary Leaders (Paperback)

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Why do some students fall apart after high school, while others go on to become great leaders? In Teen Leadership Revolution, youth speaker Tom Thelen explores the unwritten code of character, relationships, and leadership that successful teens use to navigate the storms of life and become great leaders. Teen Leadership Revolution is the first book that provides teens with the reasons and methods for developing rock solid character, building authentic relationships, and growing leadership qualities for the long haul. TEENS DISCOVER HOW TO: Apply Bullyproof Strategies that work. Overcome bitterness with forgiveness, Flex the muscle of self-discipline, Navigate the Four Levels of Leadership, Become the leaders they were meant to be Tom Thelen's message gives students practical strategies for taking responsibility and developing rock solid character. His presentation takes students on a journey through his own life story including a counseling program he experienced as a teen and how he learned to use self-discipline to overcome great adversity. He goes on to describe real-life success stories of today's students who are making a difference. Tom is a gifted motivator who relates to teens with stories that touch the heart and make them laugh. His high-energy school assembly programs provide an experience students never forget. Tom lives in Michigan with his wife Casie and their four children. "When you find healing from your bitterness, you are set free to become fully yourself. Only then can you grow into the leader you were meant to be." - Tom Thelen QUESTION: Does this book contain any political or religious content? ANSWER: Nope. Tom's message includes universal values that we all agree on like Respect, Responsibility, and Self-Esteem. TOM DOES NOT write or speak on the topics of politics, religion, or sexuality. At Character Programs, we believe these topics are best discussed between students and their parents. BOOK TOM THELEN to speak at your event www.TomThelen.com.

About the Author

Tom Thelen is the creator of the Victimproof Anti-Bullying Program and the author of several books, including Teen Leadership Revolution and Victimproof. As one of America's top youth motivational speakers, he has spoken at over 500 schools, colleges, and youth organizations. www.TomThelen.com.

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