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The Parable of the Lily: An Easter and Springtime Book for Kids

The Parable of the Lily: An Easter and Springtime Book for Kids

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Publication Date: February 4th, 2007
Tommy Nelson
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Bestselling author Liz Curtis Higgs shares a joyful Easter story about grace, forgiveness, and the true meaning of Easter.

Maggie, the farmer's daughter, can't wait to unwrap her gift that arrived in the mail. But her delight turns to disappointment when she doesn't receive a toy or a doll or a game. Instead, she's gifted a plant bulb. After forgetting to water the plant, Maggie gets frustrated and tosses the bulb outside--where something amazing happens on Easter morning

This hardcover picture book for 3-to-7-year-olds

  • teaches kids about God's patience and everlasting love with a sweet story they can understand,
  • encourages children to remember the true meaning of the Easter season,
  • turns Sunday School or family story time into a faith-growing discussion,
  • includes scriptures that tie the story to the good news of the Bible, and
  • is a good book for Easter baskets, baptisms, springtime celebrations, or family reading time.

Help your children develop the character trait of generosity, teach them about God's grace, and remind them that God can make beautiful things out of our mistakes by making The Parable of the Lily a family Easter tradition.

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