Rainy Day Reads 8oz candle

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The only answer to dreary, drizzly days is to cozy up with a book, quilt, and hot cup of tea. This delightful blend of relaxing fragrances is the perfect companion for stormy weather. Is there anything better than reading a new book, or a much-loved classic, while a storm pounds away outside? The weather outside might be ferocious, but within the pages of your book, you can be swept away to sunny, magical kingdoms or distant frozen countries. Does a better juxtaposition exist? We think not.

Rain makes for the perfect backdrop to any good reading session. From the soft pitter-patter of raindrops bouncing off your windowpane to the smell of each drop as it hits the ground; rain can be intoxicating, and now you can enjoy it no matter the weather outside. Our Rainy Day Reads candle bottles up everything you love about reading in the rain and brings it to the comfort of your own home; no gloomy days required.




The smell of rain is a universal pleasure. No matter where you live in the world, you know the comforting scent of rain. Not the sweet-tinged scent of a brewing storm, nor the overly clean petrichor scent that’s left behind after a storm, our Rainy Day Reads perfectly encapsulates the scent of actively falling rain. The telltale scents of fresh rain, ginger, and lavender will now be able to fill your home at a moment’s notice regardless of the time of year or weather outside. With a medium scent strength, the Rainy Day Reads candle is the perfect reading companion.

Like any good literary sidekick, the Rainy Day Reads can last for hours with a bright and shining zeal. Due to its 100% soy composition, the Rainy Day Reads candle burns cleanly. Plus, with its recyclable packing, and sustainable ingredients, this candle is also vegan and green! Well, the candle is actually blue, but you get the idea. Enjoy the scents of nature while burning your Rainy Day Reads candle and then turn around and help nature by either recycling your candle or reusing it for a clever DIY.

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