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Halfling Hills 4 oz candle

Halfling Hills 4 oz candle

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If there’s One Candle you need by your side when embarking on an epic adventure, it’s Halfling Hills. This fresh blend of earthy, pastoral notes will get you out the door and on the road to fantastical, faraway places.

Whether you’re on your way out or coming back again, the calming scents of Halfling Hills will fill you with peace as you take a moment to remember your adventures. From long work trips to challenging coworkers, your troubles will melt away like steel under the heat of dragon fire when enjoying this verdant scent.




With hints of clover, moss, and pipe tobacco, breathe deep of your favorite green glen while remembering your past. Halfling Hills makes for the perfect reading or viewing companion. No matter your preferred medium, you can follow along as your favorite band of travelers set off on their epic quest.

Whether you’ve just picked up the series or are a well-versed expert, you’ll be able to recognize the scent given off by Halfling Hills immediately for what it is. When your Halfling Hills candle is lit, you can practically hear as an old quill moves across the aged parchment of an almost completed accounting of one of the greatest journeys ever experienced. Close your eyes and inhale as a gentle breeze wafts in through the main character’s open living room window. Hear children playing, neighbors chatting, and an old wizard slowly making his way up your front walkway.

Halfling Hills candle has been crafted to burn cleanly and brightly for hours, long enough to get through just a few more chapters. All of our candles are 100% recyclable and made from eco-friendly materials, meaning that Halfling Hills’s green qualities go far beyond the color of its wax.