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The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability Cover Image
Isbn: 9780822369189
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The Martyrdom of Collins Catch the Bear Cover Image
Isbn: 9781609809669
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Dedicated to the People of Darfur: Writings on Fear, Risk, and Hope Cover Image
By Luke Reynolds (Editor), Jennifer Reynolds (Editor), George Saunders (Foreword by), Kim Edwards (Contributions by), John Bensko (Contributions by), Sarah Stone (Contributions by), Jim Shephard (Contributions by), Steve Almond (Contributions by), Beth Alvardo (Contributions by), Jane Armstrong (Contributions by), Jimmy Baca (Contributions by), Sherwin Bitsui (Contributions by), Robert Boswell (Contributions by), Paula Buck (Contributions by), Lindsey Collen (Contributions by), Ann Cummins (Contributions by), Gail Dines (Contributions by), Judy Doenges (Contributions by), Michael Dunn (Contributions by), John Dufresne (Contributions by), Andrew Greig (Contributions by), Tom Grimes (Contributions by), JC Hallman (Contributions by), Ron Hansen (Contributions by), Robert Jensen (Contributions by), Nancy Johnson (Contributions by), Kristen Keckler (Contributions by), Betsy Lerner (Contributions by), EJ Levy (Contributions by), Philip Lopate (Contributions by), Frank McCourt (Contributions by), James McPherson (Contributions by), Lynn Phillips (Contributions by), John Prendergast (Contributions by), John Robinson (Contributions by), Jane Smiley (Contributions by), Debra Spark (Contributions by), Peter Turchi (Contributions by), Ishmael Beah (Contributions by), Lynne Kelly (Contributions by), Ann Hood (Contributions by), Uzodinma Iweala (Contributions by), Nadine Gordimer (Contributions by), Linda Hogan (Contributions by), Bill Roorbach (Contributions by), Christopher Doyle (Contributions by), Howard Zinn (Contributions by), Robert Pinsky (Contributions by), Craig Walzer (Contributions by)
Isbn: 9780813546179
Out of Print
The New Human Rights Movement: Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression Cover Image
Isbn: 9781946885142
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Social Work and Human Rights: A Foundation for Policy and Practice Cover Image
Isbn: 9780231149938
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Insurgent Empire: Anticolonial Resistance and British Dissent Cover Image
Isbn: 9781784784133
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Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work (Jacobin) Cover Image
Isbn: 9781781683231
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