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Mike Slack: The Transverse Path: (or Nature's Little Secret) Cover Image
By Mike Slack (Artist)
Isbn: 9780999265505
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Ghostnotes: Music of the Unplayed Cover Image
By Brian "b Cross, Jeff Chang (Introduction by), Greg Tate (Other)
Isbn: 9781477313909
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Diane Arbus: A Box of Ten Photographs Cover Image
By Diane Arbus (Photographer), John P. Jacob (Text by (Art/Photo Books))
Isbn: 9781597114394
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Author: The Portraits of Beowulf Sheehan Cover Image
By Beowulf Sheehan, Salman Rushdie (Foreword by)
Isbn: 9780316515153
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Of Love & War Cover Image
Isbn: 9780525560029
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John Chiara: California Cover Image
By John Chiara (Photographer), John Chiara (Photographer), Virginia Heckert (Text by (Art/Photo Books))
Isbn: 9781597114233
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The Last Testament Cover Image
By Jonas Bendiksen (Photographer), Jonas Bendiksen (Text by (Art/Photo Books))
Isbn: 9781597114288
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Julius Shulman. Modernism Rediscovered Cover Image
By Pierluigi Serraino, Julius Shulman (Photographer)
Isbn: 9783836561808
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Ansel Adams' Yosemite: The Special Edition Prints Cover Image
By Ansel Adams, Pete Souza (Foreword by)
Isbn: 9780316456128
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The Grand Canyon and the Southwest Cover Image
Isbn: 9780316534871
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The Black Trilogy Cover Image
By Ralph Gibson (Photographer), Giles Mora (Text by (Art/Photo Books))
Isbn: 9781477316269
Publisher Out of Stock Indefinitely
Joel Meyerowitz: Morandi's Objects Cover Image
By Joel Meyerowitz (Photographer), Joel Meyerowitz (Text by (Art/Photo Books)), Maggie Barrett (Text by (Art/Photo Books))
Isbn: 9788862084536
Publisher Out of Stock Indefinitely