Uppoava uimari: Finnish Edition of "Scared to Swim" (Paperback)

Uppoava uimari: Finnish Edition of
By Tuula Pere, Catty Flores (Illustrator)
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"Little Fears" is a book series about the various concerns that children can have. Sometimes, minor harms may grow into big worries if they are ignored. Fortunately, there are fun ways and gentle tools to handle such situations, often through play.

Lillian wants to take swimming lessons, like some of her friends.

However, it's very noisy at the swimming pool, especially in the children's pool, where things can get wild at times. It frightens Lillian and makes her back away from the pool.

"What if I sink to the bottom and no one notices?" Lillian says, worried.

Once Dad and Lillian start practicing together, she conquers her fear of swimming.


Lilja tahtoo samaan uimakouluun kavereidensa kanssa.

Uimahalli on kuitenkin meluisa paikka ja lastenaltaan touhu v lill villi . Lilja vet ytyy's ik ht neen syrj n.

"Ent jos uppoan altaaseen, eik kukaan huomaa?" Lilja huolestuu.

Pelko voitetaan, kun is ja Lilja aloittavat omat rauhalliset uimaharjoitukset.

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ISBN: 9789523254558
ISBN-10: 9523254553
Publisher: Wickwick Ltd
Publication Date: January 12th, 2021
Pages: 34
Language: Finnish