Raising an Emotionally Sensitive Child: Build an Emotionally Healthy Relationship with your Kid (Hardcover)

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  • Do you have an emotionally sensitive child?
  • Do you lack understanding of high sensitivity?
  • Do you feel trouble connecting with your child making parenthood overwhelming?

Then you need "Raising an Emotionally Sensitive Child" to be your friend in this highly challenging yet highly rewarding journey.

This book will help you understand the following concepts:

  • The science and psychology of high sensitivity
  • What are highly sensitive individuals like?
  • Myths about highly sensitive people to give you a better understanding of your highly sensitive child.
  • Signs of highly sensitive child helping you determine if your child is emotionally sensitive or not
  • The fact that sensitivity is a gifted trait, and highly sensitive people have many excellent strengths.
  • Challenges a highly sensitive child may have to tackle while growing up and need special attention from parents on these issues. These problems include meltdowns, tantrums, inability to accept criticism, difficulty in making friends, being bullied, people-pleasing, self-criticism, burnout, overthinking, indecisiveness and perfectionism.
  • Strategies that can help parents of emotionally sensitive children in their demanding journey. Parental advice on valuing your child, developing a connection through validation, parenting with sensitivity, teaching emotional intelligence, setting boundaries and disciplining, showing a healthy approach towards criticism, providing support in making friends, educating against perfectionism, and reassuring self-worth through praise and rewards are discussed in detail.
  • Tips to the parents of highly sensitive children on coping with stressful parenthood, especially when they themselves are highly sensitive. For example, working out tendencies, communicating boundaries, being mindful of your thoughts, opting for soothing activities, accepting yourself without guilt, incorporating little acts of self-care, and forgive yourself for making mistakes.
  • Common mistakes parents of an emotionally sensitive child have to avoid as trying to change your child, being impatient with your child, suppressing your child's emotions, discouraging your child, and ignoring routine for your child.
  • Stress-relieving exercises and activities for the parents such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, kickboxing, art therapy, breath focus, and some outdoor practices.

Click away if you want help in raising and flourishing your beautiful orchid children inside and out and develop a deep bond with them.

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ISBN: 9781956913156
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Publisher: Goldink Publishers LLC
Publication Date: October 16th, 2021
Pages: 126
Language: English