A Kinship with Ash (Paperback)

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It's difficult to accept that shadows, too, are products of the natural world. Often we hold what's beautiful next to what we fear. As much as we want to appeal to our better angels, cruelty hovers and haunts our hearts. In Heather Swan's A Kinship with Ash, wisdom is hard won. Elegant, image rich, and full of birdsong, these poems question and delight. But what is poetry if not the mind's silhouette? In the pastoral tradition we confront our reflection, and here, Swan uses nature to look inward. As if negotiating the cliff's edge, or wading into open water, her speakers are at the mercy of currents. We are left with faith. Reading these poems is an act of surveying light. -Amaud Jamaul Johnson

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ISBN: 9781947896314
ISBN-10: 1947896318
Publisher: Terrapin Books
Publication Date: October 1st, 2020
Pages: 96
Language: English