Whoppers: History's Most Outrageous Lies and Liars (Paperback)

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History of full of liars. Not just little-white-telling liars, but big-honkin’, whopper-telling liars—people who can convince us that even the most improbable, outrageous, nonsensical stories are true. And the worst part is that we believe them. Whoppers tells the story of history’s greatest liars and the lies they told, providing a mix of narrative profiles of super-famous liars, lies, and/or hoaxes, as well as more obscure episodes.

About the Author

Christine Seifert is a native North Dakotan, a professor at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, and a Young Adult writer. She is the author of the YA novel The Predicteds, as well as the nonfiction books Whoppers: History's Most Outrageous Lies and Liars and The Endless Wait: Virginity in Young Adult Literature (2015). She writes for BitchMagazine and other publications, and has presented at academic conferences on such diverse topics as as Writing, Rhetoric, Twilight,and Jersey Shore.

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“[A] lively, fun read designed to appeal to leisure audiences and history buffs alike.”—California Bookwatch

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