Colorful Kingdom: How Animals Use Color to Surprise and Survive (Hardcover)

Colorful Kingdom: How Animals Use Color to Surprise and Survive By Anna Omedes, Laura Fraile (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Anna Omedes, Laura Fraile (Illustrator)
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"The strange, fascinating role of color. This wide-ranging survey shows how color in the natural world serves varied purposes....A colorful collection of wonders from the natural world."--Kirkus Reviews

Get familiar with animals from around the world who use color as a super power

In this fact-filled and engaging book, you will read surprising stories of how animals use color to thrive in their habitat. Color gives them unique powers: the giant cuttlefish changes color to hide from predators, while the firefly glows in the dark to choose a mate; and if the flamingo was to stop eating brine shrimp, they would no longer be pink

Learn about the venomous spiders from the jungle, how tigers use camouflage to hunt their prey or how coral and fish have learned to live in harmony with each other.

Each page is vividly illustrated and is accompanied by authoritative text, providing an exploration of the animal's habitats and habits.

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ISBN: 9781914519246
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Publisher: Orange Mosquito
Publication Date: December 20th, 2022
Pages: 48
Language: English