The Day We Asked the Goat to Bite a Lemon (Paperback)

The Day We Asked the Goat to Bite a Lemon Cover Image
By Kate Kee, Nina Taylor (Illustrator)
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When a new horse arrives at the Stable Mates yard, all the other animals are worried. 'Noble', the new arrival, is very unhappy - and not behaving in a very noble way. Can the others help him live up to his name and how will they do it?

The answer has something to do with thinking about biting lemons, and the story of "The Day We Asked the Goat to Bite a Lemon" carries an important message about 'self talk' and how we influence how we see ourselves.

The book uses a dyslexia-friendly font, and Nina Taylor's illustrations beautifully capture the emotions of the different animals in the story.

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ISBN: 9781838149055
ISBN-10: 1838149058
Publisher: Cavalcade Books
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 32
Language: English