Keto Diet Cookbook for Women After 50 (Hardcover)

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Are you looking for a solution to return to your ideal weight, regain energy and mental clarity, and relieve the annoying symptoms of menopause?

Seeing your body grow old, beauty slip away so quickly... is hard right? You just want your old body back

I know how you feel all too well. Although I am a nutritionist and know how to solve health problems, I am 53 years old and have two children, but you can't escape nature.

When we reach middle age, we still feel young. But, we begin to experience the symptoms of menopause, unfortunately, accompanied by other problems such as blood sugar fluctuations, your blood pressure, but the common one is weight gain.

The solution is to follow the "Ketogenic Protocol for women over 50". Lose weight in a short time will unlock in your mind the fundamental element that will make your life change permanently: self-confidence.

What also you will experience with the ketogenic diet is:

- An explosion of energy during the day

- Focus and mental lucidity

- Stronger nails and hair

- Increased libido (You will be happier with your partner)

- Brighter skin

- You'll learn How ketogenic diet works for Women over 50

- You will have an arsenal of 200 Quick and Easy low-cost recipes at your disposal, made in collaboration with a professional chef

- I will reveal to you the two worst enemies of the Menopause that are hiding latent in your body

- The Keto Solution to Weight Problems for Women After 50

- The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting integrated with the Keto Diet

- Helpful Shopping List Tips for Keto Meals

- 30 Day Meal Plan to maintain your motivation if you don't have time to search and choose recipes

And much more

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801207393
ISBN-10: 1801207399
Publisher: Jillian Collins
Publication Date: November 28th, 2020
Pages: 186
Language: English