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Breathe Meditation Journal (Breathe Journals)

Breathe Meditation Journal (Breathe Journals)

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Publication Date: December 12th, 2023
Ammonite Press
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The Breathe Meditation Journal is a guided book offering advice, techniques and exercises to improve focus and self-reflection.

A few quiet minutes every day is all it takes to begin tuning into the body and learning to be present. Filled with mindful ideas and activities, from early morning stretches to evening writing exercises, this science-backed guide will help readers to create space in their mind to focus, reflect and find what really matters to them. With reflective exercises and prompts, readers can explore their progress and express their thoughts, feelings, memories and intentions.

About the Author

Breathe magazine is the original mindfulness magazine for a calmer and more relaxed you, including sections on wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escape. The aim of Breathe magazine is to help you "make more time for yourself". Each issue includes beautiful illustrations, craft projects, and inspiring features.