Fuzzy Bee: A GREATful Journey (Paperback)

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A cute and colourfully illustrated picture-book for young children about gratitude and how it can open up their hearts to a life of true joy. The book centres on the adventure of a hungry bee and closes with the need to protect bees and their habitats.

  • Synopsis: On a springy day, little Fuzzy Bee was out to play. She flew past the mountain towers and came across a bed of flowers. Without a word of thanks, she sipped every flower's nectar, until one flower gently reminded her about the virtue of Gratitude. With this new knowledge, she excitedly flew over the flowers expressing her thankfulness, until she reached her beehive. There, she shared her adventure with her friends - Wuzzy and Buzzy. The three of them then set out to repay the flowers for being ever so kind in sharing their nectar.

  • The story of Fuzzy Bee is narrated in the form of a poem. Each event is followed by a reflection page, which is an opportunity for a parent and their child to bond. For very young children, the reflection page can be skipped.

  • The book ends with an explanation on why bees are important for us and the environment, why their populations have been declining rapidly and what role we can play in their preservation.

This book is a great pick for parents and teachers looking to introduce virtues like gratitude, that beautify the hearts of young children and open up their lives to meaningful possibilities.

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ISBN: 9781777183110
ISBN-10: 1777183111
Publisher: Amit Bhogal
Publication Date: June 30th, 2020
Pages: 26
Language: English