Mad, Mad World of Sports (Paperback)

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Mind-boggling, jaw-dropping, spine-chilling, nail-biting, death-defying, awe-inspiring SPORTS! Ever heard of the surfer who rode a single wave for 37 minutes? Or the boxer who managed to knock himself out? Maybe you’ve wondered what it’s really like to stand in a bullring facing an angry bull with only a spangly suit and a red cape? Then this book is for you! Full of amazing feats, mad moments, strange facts, and embarrassing mistakes, take a look at some of the most weird and wonderful stories from the mad, mad world of sports.

Re-live some of the most marvelous, maddening, and memorable moments from the mysterious, magnificent world of sport. Learn what it feels like to plunge toward earth at 300 mph, to ride a tiny board on a wave big enough to capsize an ocean liner, to be flung by a giant catapult. Hear about the boxer who bit off his opponent’s ear, the soccer player who flattened the ref, and the jockey who pulled up beside the track in thick fog then let the others wear themselves out before leading them home to "win" on the final lap. Marvel at the downright weird: the "tennis dad" who poisoned his kid’s opponents, the rugby league player who spent almost four months with someone else’s tooth in his forehead, and the boxer who was knocked out in 10.5 seconds—including the 10-second count. The unluckiest players, the most dangerous sports, the biggest victories and the worst defeats—they're all here in The Mad, Mad World of Sports.

About the Author

Tony Davis has written a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, including the popular Roland Wright, Future Knight children’s series; two children’s books about cars, You Must Be Skidding! and Are You For Wheel?; and the bestselling Lemon! for adults.

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ISBN: 9781741755572
ISBN-10: 1741755573
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Publication Date: November 1st, 2008
Pages: 180
Language: English