Setchra (Hardcover)

Setchra By Christopher Thriver, C. Thriver (Photographer) Cover Image
By Christopher Thriver, C. Thriver (Photographer)
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Angels Unite. We whom have been traumatized, our old shells broke, and we have emerged from the collective guidance of the single mind that distracts the world. Those humans reborn as Angels, you know. You live it. You are guided just like me, only in a different story of relation to experience. Any tribe of man has two elements: Culture and Language. We have all developed our spiritual culture, though a unique language have we lacked, this book presents a love language. We are living as Angels incarnate. From stories of God, to the fables of ancient Gods, and the Super Hero alike. All truth, living and clothed with human. Realize the power you have possession of and unite as the single body that we are each apart of. No matter the connection, may our deeds coincide with the greater vision of the greater purpose: Love. After all the Angels unite in the purpose of Universal and Unconditional Love, our concentrated energy will change the atmosphere we each mentally and emotionally breathe. Take up the sword of Love and Love shall evolve the One Tribe of the Earth.

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ISBN: 9781716297328
ISBN-10: 171629732X
Publication Date: January 6th, 2021
Pages: 180
Language: English