Foodframe: Diet Is a Four-Letter Word (Paperback)

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When Risa Groux, CN was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that caused chronic inflammation and a host of other health issues, she became determined to find the root cause so she could reverse it without medications. With the proper testing and subsequent dietary and supplement treatment, Risa successfully and naturally reversed her symptoms. This inspired Risa to obtain her certification as an autoimmune specialist in addition to her clinical nutrition certification. This enabled her to better help her clients focus on the root causes of their health concerns and treat them naturally through diet and supplementation.

In this comprehensive guide, Risa, focuses on foundational issues including systemic inflammation, gut health, and lab testing to determine root causes. This roadmap leads to a FoodFrame foundation and provides information about the best suited eating lifestyle for one's health status to optimize their wellness. Risa details the seven mainstream diets that include Paleo, Ketogenic, Autoimmune Protocol, Vegan, Low FODMAP and Low Lectin, as well as her signature RGN Detox plan; matches the best diet to address specific health issues; shares client success stories, and also provides easy and delicious recipes for each eating lifestyle.

FoodFrame is a guide that will help anyone identify the root causes of health challenges with functional nutrition guidelines and then eat to address and help heal them.

"Risa has successfully removed the confusion from popular eating plans and defines what each person needs from each diet type in Food Frame."

-Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS, bestselling author of Eat Dirt

"Risa covers all the bases and provides delicious recipes to keep the body satisfied and free of toxins. She knows her stuff "

-Suzanne Somers, actress, bestselling author, singer, buisnesswoman, and health spokesperson

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