Shattered Dreams, Broken Patriot (Paperback)

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Imagine your child being airlifted to a hospital after being brutally beaten on school property thrice in two and a half hours. Now, imagine that you begin asking how this could happen at a school and are met with red tape and railroading. The school committee, administrators, and the Sheriff's Department ignore your requests for information. Townspeople join in to retaliate against your family because you refuse to give up your pursuit of justice. One day, a makeshift fence appears across the road you have been using for years. You cut it to allow your wife's car through. Within a few weeks, several Sheriff's deputies roar up your driveway at midnight. One deputy holds a gun to your head while another laughs and pulls down your night shorts, exposing you in front of seven deputies and entire family. You are arrested for cutting a fence and allegedly letting your neighbor's cow out. "Shattered Dreams, Broken Patriot" is the tragic story of a vicious attack by a town bully that snowballs into a series of horrific acts by a small Florida town. The newcomers moved to Sebring to build their American Dream. Instead, they discover how selfishness, corruption, and the abuse of power can easily conspire to destroy it. Unwavering in his quest for justice, the father, Bobbie Bean, eventually makes his way t the Florida statehouse floor to lobby for accountability, lost lives, and the dramatic passage of what was in 2008 the toughest anti-bullying bill in the nation.

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ISBN: 9781614931188
ISBN-10: 1614931186
Publisher: Peppertree Press
Publication Date: September 25th, 2012
Pages: 168
Language: English