The Blood of God: Appreciating and Applying the Remedy for Your Sins (Paperback)

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Once we're saved, we usually begin to acquire certain lofty, spiritual expectations and ambitions for ourselves. Deep within our hearts we long to be sinless, holy, and righteous, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We long to live above temptations, we long to be role-models of perfection as to how a true child of God lives and operates. We crave to thrive in God's kingdom in constant, unvarying victory. Yes, we long to be perfect. Yet, we experience heart-breaking setbacks, personal failures, and ugly realities time and time again. We get mad at ourselves. We feel that God must hate us by now, and certainly has abandoned us. We fear we've exhausted His grace. We feel guilty, inadequate, become anxious and sometimes depressed. And often, at these times, we are tempted to give up on ourselves and the entire Christian walk. One major reason why many do give up on themselves, and God, is simply because they do not have a clear understanding and appreciation of the fundamental function and power of the blood of Jesus. In other words, they have a flawed view of the Atonement. This book is a heartening, spiritually enriching, and eye-opening revelation of the vital, soul-saving role that the precious blood of Jesus performs on our behalf. It is an elevating, inspiring, yet instructive reminder that the same blood that covered and cleansed you when you first repented of your sins, is the same blood that covers and cleanses you after you've repented as well.

About the Author

Darin Bowler is a Bible Teacher and an Associate Pastor at Lodi Christian Life in Lodi, California. He currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from Christian Life College in Stockton, California. He is also the author of five other fascinatingly unique books: So You Want to Be Blessed: A Devotional Commentary of Psalm 1, The Intolerant Christ: Purifying Modern Christianity Through the Original Demands of Jesus and His Apostles, God: A Long Time Ago in a Galilean Far, Far Away, The Prudence Awakening: Believing In God Is One Thing. Submitting to Him Is Another. And Wholly Holy: The Vital Role of Visible Devotion. He currently lives in Lodi with his wife Leann and their two sons Branson and Landon.

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Publication Date: August 21st, 2014
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