Facing Forward: Making a Difference in Cancer (Paperback)

Facing Forward: Making a Difference in Cancer By National Institutes of Health, U. S. Department of Heal Human Services, National Cancer Institute Cover Image
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The National Institutes of Health Publication 10-5088 Facing Forward: Making a Difference in Cancer review the potential benefits of becoming involved in cancer-related activities, such as helping with outreach and education, fundraising, or raising awareness about research or public health issues. It is designed for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer or affected by it in some way. While some people prefer to put their experiences with cancer behind them, many choose to draw on them to get involved with cancer-related activities. They may feel that there are certain areas or issues where there's more work to be done. Or perhaps someone helped and inspired them during treatment, and they feel it's their turn to give to others. People often feel that they can make a difference in cancer by taking part. They may want to learn how to help their neighbors, join an educational group, run in a race, or be a part of a group that makes decisions about cancer research or programs. Whether you have cancer or know someone who does, this book has many ideas about ways you can give to others.

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