Shakespeare and Montaigne (Hardcover)

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By Lars Engle (Editor), Patrick Gray (Editor), William M. Hamlin (Editor)
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Shakespeare and Montaigne share a grounded, genial sense of the lived reality of human experience, as well as a surprising depth of engagement with history, literature and philosophy. With celebrated subtlety and incisive humour, both authors investigate abiding questions of epistemology,
psychology, theology, ethics, politics and aesthetics. In this collection, distinguished contributors consider these influential, much-beloved figures in light of each other. The English playwright and the French essayist, each in his own fashion, reflect on and evaluate the Renaissance, the
Reformation and the rise of new modern perspectives many of us now might readily recognise as our own.

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ISBN: 9781474458238
ISBN-10: 1474458238
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Publication Date: December 31st, 2021
Pages: 468
Language: English