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Dermatology Essentials, edited by world authorities Drs. Jean L. Bolognia, Julie V. Schaffer, Karynne O. Duncan, and Christine J. Ko, provides the quick answers you need on every important aspect of dermatology and guidance on their application in your day-to-day practice. Derived from the renowned authoritative reference work Dermatology, 3rd Edition, this on-the-go reference distills the essential information needed to quickly diagnose and manage a wide range of dermatologic disorders?without the need for any additional resources.

...ideal for registrars, clinical assistants and primary care professionals who need that quick heads-up Reviewed by Dermatology in Practice, Jul 2015

Review or refresh your knowledge of the fundamentals and diagnostic approaches of skin disease with unique introductory chapters providing the basic principles of dermatology, bedside diagnostics, and clinical approach to a fever and rash - extremely helpful for the beginner.

Visualize more of the conditions you see in practice with over 1,500 clinical images, illustrations, and schematics.

Avoid diagnostic pitfalls using practical tables, intuitive artworks, and logical algorithms.

Find answers fast with a highly user-friendly, easy-in-easy-out format and a wealth of tables and schematics for instant visual comprehension.

Expedite decision making with easily recognizable DDx and Rx sections to provide rapid direct reference to the expert guidance and treatment recommendations. Downloadable worksheets are also available.

Make the most of electronic functionality with access to the complete contents online and in various ebook formats - making it easy to teach impromptu on a tablet in the clinic, or conduct more formal lecturing.

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