The Creepypasta Collection: Modern Urban Legends You Can't Unread (Paperback)

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By MrCreepyPasta, Vincent V. Cava (Contributions by), Matt Dymerski (Contributions by), T.W. Grim (Contributions by)
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A terrifying, thrilling collection of must-read horror stories chock-full of nightmarish supernatural beings and the murderously disturbed that are sure to keep you up all night long.

“If you place this book back on the shelf now, you'll save yourself!” —MrCreepyPasta

​There are stories that scare you. And then there are the dark and disturbing creepypasta stories that will leave you seriously freaked out. The Creepypasta Collection is an unsettling anthology of terror, full of nightmares and dangerous creatures—from unearthly supernatural beings to the murderously disturbed. So, lock the doors, check under the bed, turn up the lights, and get ready for an unforgettable, up-all-night journey into the heart of darkness.

About the Author

MrCreepyPasta presents the best of the most terrifying short stories of the web via his 1.03-million-subscriber YouTube channel, which has been viewed 140 million times. He has worked with Fox Studios and 1upBox, and he has been featured on the Chilling Tales podcast, Double Toasted, and many college radio stations and papers. He regularly speaks at conventions across the country on horror writing, comic books, and pop culture.

Vincent V. Cava is an author from Los Angeles, California, who specializes in horror. His stories have quickly amassed a following over the internet and have been translated and read in multiple languages around the world. The son of NASA researchers, he found himself reading the works of science fiction’s most celebrated authors in grade school. By adolescence, Vincent had fallen in love with horror.

Matt Dymerski is an award-winning author of science fiction and horror and has been entertaining readers and provoking discussion for over a decade. He has honed a focus on themes that explore the pains and existential horrors of modern life. These days, it’s not the evil robots or the shadowy creatures that get you in the end—it’s your fellow man.

T.W. Grim is a horror novelist from Southwestern Ontario. He is the author of 99 Brief Scenes From the End of the World, Tripping Over Twilight, When the Stars Fall, and The Promises We Make in December.

Praise For…

"Once you read this book, you can't un-read it. Creepypasta draws from a whole different, terrifyingly relateable and believable well of horror. The Creepypasta Collection: Modern Urban Legends You Can't Unread brings forward a whole new, fresh, collection of modern day horror.... Sweet dreams everyone." --Popdust

"A great collection of horror stories with a modern flair, and it's perfect for the upcoming Halloween season." --Big Shiny Robot

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ISBN: 9781440597909
ISBN-10: 1440597901
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2016
Pages: 301
Language: English