Life's Messy, Live Happy: Things Don't Have to Be Perfect for You to Be Content (Hardcover)

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A simple shift in thinking can change everything you believe about your own happiness.

By the time we become adults, most of us have joined the religion of suffering, which preaches that unless circumstances are controlled, life will be a mess. We compare ourselves to others and speculate about an impossible-to-know future, holding out hope for an improved life through getting ahead, fulfilling passion, or finding true love. But the idea that happiness comes from putting effort toward altering one’s circumstances is harmful and backward. What if we instead learned to understand that circumstances can rarely be controlled, and that life is, and always will be, messy?

From that starting point, we could learn to use our minds to create happiness despite life’s ever-changing circumstances and events. Life’s Messy, Live Happy by Cy Wakeman is about dramatically changing the level of happiness you feel in your daily life, by learning to disconnect happiness from external forces, stop worrying about the future, and realize that most of your negative feelings are about things that never even happened.

Wakeman is a credible, relatable teacher—a business owner, mother, and community member who has lived her philosophy and achieved profound happiness and success in a crazy, messy life. Filled with concrete daily practices and true stories that are hilarious, painful, and poignant, this book will change everything: your perspective, your focus, and your energy level for everyday life.

About the Author

CY WAKEMAN is a drama researcher, international leadership speaker, and consultant. In 2001 she founded Reality-Based Leadership. She is the author of Reality-Based Leadership, No Ego, and the New York Times bestseller The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace. In 2017, she was named as one of the Top 30 Global Leadership Gurus by Global Gurus, a Top 100 Leadership Expert to Follow on Twitter, and was deemed "the secret weapon to restoring sanity to the workplace." She lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

Praise For…

Praise for No Ego:
“This is the most effective, productive, and practical solution any business leader would want. I cannot tell you how much money, time, and emotional waste we have saved because of Cy’s philosophy.”
—Frank Calderoni, CEO of Anaplan, Former CFO of Red Hat and Cisco

“Cy shows leaders simple tools they can use—instantly—to diffuse drama, cultivate accountability, and deliver game-changing business results. Leaders looking to remain relevant in the future can’t miss this modern leadership approach.”
—Lolly Daskal, author of The Leadership Gap

“If you're tired of all the drama and B.S. in your workplace, then this book is for you. Read it and reap ... great results!”
BJ Gallagher, author of A Peacock in theLand of Penguins: A Fable About Creativity and Courage

“Cy Wakeman dismantles conventional HR and Leadership wisdom and provides thought-provoking new ways of viewing the role of the leader and the possibility of creating a drama-free workplace!”
Jeff Hyman, Chief Talent Officer, Strong Suit & Adjunct Professor, Kellogg School of Management

“The right book at the right time! In her brilliant new book, Cy Wakeman describes a leadership philosophy that puts an end to ego-driven leadership.”
Jesse Lyn Stoner, coauthor Full Steam Ahead! Unleash the Power of Vision and Leading at a Higher Level

“Wakeman does a great job of illustrating how leaders can build a workplace free of drama and full of accountability—the true amplifier of one’s strengths.”
—Marcus Buckingham, bestselling author of First, Break All the Rules

Praise for The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace:

"The best way to be valued at work is to add a ton of value, and Cy Wakeman shows you exactly how to do it in today's fast-moving, technology-fueled workplace. She'll also guide you to getting your MOJO back as an employee. An invaluable tool for those who want success at work and at home."
Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author, MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There

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