What To Do If I Kick The Bucket - A Guide For My Next Of Kin (Paperback)

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A Fill-In-The-Blank Book Everyone Needs Newly expanded and updated

We all kick the bucket. Some of us so unexpectedly, our social media accounts and online stores and auctions hang out there in the wind until someone finally figures it out - if they do at all. Our Facebook account is frozen in time because of a long forgotten password not written down circa 2005.

Very few people have actual wills and even if you do, are your daily to do things conveniently listed somewhere for an attorney to eventually instruct a loved one to take care of months after the fact? Probably not. And does your designated agent (i.e. your spouse, your kid, cousin or best friend) know where the key to the side gate is located? Or what music you really want played at the reception following your funeral?

This is your chance to put your two cents into the planning. If you've lost five or ten minutes of sleep wondering who would think to look for your streaming subscriptions and cancel them ASAP or your Amazon Prime account with that upcoming renewal date and automatic debit charge, this book is for you.

Write everything down and tuck it away with your other important papers. It's not on a locked computer with a password no one knows in a file some internet troll might hack.

Once it's done, take a deep breath and get on with your amazing, incredible life

Includes sections for personal as well as practical information such as:

Designated Agent & Power of Attorney

Advanced Directive Information

ID's, Licenses, Passport etc.

Pet Instructions

Passwords, Subscriptions, Memberships and Email Accounts

Social Media Instructions

Document and Key Locations

Financial and Insurance Policies

Medical and DNR Instructions

Funeral Arrangements

Family History

And a helpful timeline of how and when to take care of certain things after a person dies.

Give your loved ones peace of mind with an easy to fill out, easy to access guide of your final instructions and wishes.


Large Workbook Edition Now Available on Amazon
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