Wake Up America: It's Time to Repent (Paperback)

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This is a story that explains much. It will not give references to be checked because I want to present it not as a scholarly word of man but as a holy word of the Lord. However, you can check for yourself the truth of that which is stated as fact. Remember, we heard no more of Cain after God put him out of Eden; and remember, too, that science and the Bible both agree that Eden, the place of man's creation was in Africa. From the north of Africa to its southern tip, man was and is of darker hues. God sits high and sees all; and without repentance, the day of reckoning will fall mightily. It's time to awake from the dream you've been living and the nightmare that you have caused others to live because of your fear and your greed. These ramblings of hopeful insight presented here are simply intended to prick the hearts and minds of my brothers and sisters who claim Christ to turn things around in this country, our country, so that God doesn't have to send more drastic measures of His displeasure to us.

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ISBN: 9781087869032
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Publication Date: April 30th, 2022
Pages: 192
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