Superpowers of the Shy Girl (Hardcover)

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Jenny Watts has always been shy. So much that her parents introduce her as "their shy one." But heading into 5th-grade, Jenny has a plan. This year she's going to be confident and popular. But sometimes even the best laid-out plans don't turn out as expected.

Instead in the beginning of the year, Jenny faces some "mean girls" and a bus bully. Her parents also send her to a child psychologist who is unbearable. She feels utterly defeated.

Jenny meets a girl named Lizzie, a girl with a sad past who is her exact opposite - outgoing and boisterous, and a new friendship begins to develop.

The two girls face the ups and downs of adolescence. Their friendship is tested when a group of mean girls start making fun of Lizzie. Will her shyness get the best of her once again or will Jenny finally find her voice and stand up for her new friend?

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ISBN: 9780999146101
ISBN-10: 0999146106
Publisher: Shy Girl Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: February 13th, 2018
Pages: 290
Language: English