Ta-Da! Un Día Chistoso En El Zoológico (a Funny Day at the Zoo, Spanish/Español Language Edition) (Hardcover)

Ta-Da! Un Día Chistoso En El Zoológico (a Funny Day at the Zoo, Spanish/Español Language Edition) By Michelle Glorieux, Suan (Illustrator), Jesse Lewis (Other) Cover Image
By Michelle Glorieux, Suan (Illustrator), Jesse Lewis (Other)
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Discover the magic of fun, immersive, multi-sensory, early language learning--right when it matters most, ages 0-5--in this talking book that features native speakers pronouncing zoo animal words in Spanish.

A little boy spends the day at the zoo with his mommy and inseparable bunny sidekick...but wait Something funny is going on here Will mommy catch on? Or will it remain a little boy's (and his bunny's) secret forever?

State-of-the-art paper electronics allow kids to simply touch the images on the paper of an otherwise normal-looking-book and hear words spoken by native speakers. The magic is enhanced with beautiful art, real animal sounds verified by the San Francisco Zoo, and 12 unique, original, toe-tapping tunes produced by Grammy winning sensation Jesse Lewis

Part of TA-DA 's award-winning, internationally bestselling Language Adventures series, A FUNNY DAY AT THE ZOO weaves culture, storytelling through art, music, sound and imagination to bring languages to your youngest learners, creating a strong foundation and a lifelong love of languages and culture. Spanish language vetting for this book was carried out by TA-DA 's partner UNAM (the prestigious the National Autonomous University of Mexico).


Spanish in an unforgettable way.

the integrated sound button on each page.

HEAR a native speaker pronounce 12 zoo words in Spanish and 12 real animal sounds vetted by the San Francisco Zoo.

vibrant, thoughtful illustrations by Kelsey Suan, background artist for the Oscar-Award winning animated short "Hair Love."

to 12 original tunes produced by 4-time Grammy Award winner Jesse Lewis.

- Our crisp, clear, cutting-edge sound technology ensures you'll never miss a beat--or a word
- Matching sounds to pictures and words improves language comprehension
- Seek and find games increase positive associations...and the fun factor
- Kids can learn the language even if the parent or caregiver doesn't speak Spanish
- Endorsed by linguists and speech therapists
- Made in partnership with top educational and cultural institutions worldwide
- Screen-free learning alternative
- Safety-tested for ages 0-5+
- Batteries are included and can easily be replaced
- The Language Adventures series is a 2021 Brain Child Award Winner from Tilliwig Toy Awards and a 2020 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards Gold Medal Winner

TA-DA : the standard in children's home and classroom-based language learning.

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ISBN: 9780998830513
ISBN-10: 0998830518
Publisher: Ta-Da! Language Productions, Inc.
Publication Date: October 26th, 2021
Pages: 26
Language: Spanish