Understand and Love your creator - Learn the 99 names of Allah (Paperback)

Understand and Love your creator - Learn the 99 names of Allah By Halah Azim Cover Image
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This book is to help you understand your creator and the more you understand Him, the more you will come to love Him. It's filled with vibrant designs. It's simple wording and engaging designs will open up your heart and please your mind. Each name of Allah is written in both English and Arabic. The English translation and transliteration is included. In addition the verses from the Quran/authentic hadith that reflect each name are included. What makes this book even more appealing is that for each name it has key hints on how to implement the name practically in our lives. In addition it has space for each name to write down reflections on how the name effects our lives. This book is wonderful for all ages and is especially appealing to younger ages because of its vibrant designs. Each name has its own unique design to express the uniqueness of each name. May Allah make this book a reason to know Him better and love Him.

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ISBN: 9780992466060
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Publisher: Theheartsoflight
Publication Date: May 7th, 2015
Pages: 206
Language: English