Intermittent fasting for Women over 50: How you can effortlessly lose weight, balance your hormones and increase energy and focus with intermittent fa (Paperback)

Intermittent fasting for Women over 50: How you can effortlessly lose weight, balance your hormones and increase energy and focus with intermittent fa Cover Image
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Introducing How Women Over 50 Can Boost Their Energy, Promote Longevity and Effortlessly Burn Fat With The Power of Fasting

Are you a 50 something lady struggling with unwanted weight without all of the hormonal issues that normally come as a result of a strict diet? Are you looking to improve your overall health inside and out and slow down the aging process? Have you wanted to try intermittent fasting for a while but are worried about the negative effects on your hormones?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you have come to the right place.

The facts are that at this point in your life your body is going through changes and unfortunately things like weight gain, a slower metabolism and other hormonal problems can occur as a result.

The yo-yo dieting train and unsustainable depriving diet routines you may have followed as a quick fix in the past are no longer optimal or safe to follow and lets face it they weren't that much fun to no matter what point in your life you used them.

And, anything that's unsustainable just won't be followed properly long term unfortunately, so to me that renders it very useless.

You see achieving optimal health on the inside and looking great on the outside heading into your 50s and beyond doesn't have to be as difficult as some "experts" would have you believe.

Even if you have tried other calorie restriction diets or workout routines which didn't work in the past let me tell you there is no reason why you can't have a body you can be proud of and have the energy to match that makes you feel reborn again.

In fact it can be easier than you think...

In this book you wI'll discover

  • 7 Anti Aging Foods That Everyone Over 50 Should Eat

  • 3 Most Common Negative Side Effects You Can Get From Fasting And How To Avoid Them

  • 3 Biggest Fasting Mistakes That Lead To Women Giving Up With In A Week.

  • The Golden Rule That The "Experts" Recommend For Weight Loss Which Is Wrong (In Fact So Wrong, It Could Do You More Damage Than Good )

  • The Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Fasting Journey TODAY

  • A Complete Guide To Exercising Safely While Fasting and What Kind Of Exercise Is Surprisingly Best When Fasting

  • Healthy, Tasty Recipes As Well As Fresh Juice Recipes That Will Keep You Healthy On The Inside and Help You Boost Energy Even Further

  • Why Some Women Should NEVER Fast and How To Discover Whether Fasting Is For You

  • How The Menopause Radically Changes What Kind Of Fasting You Should Be Doing

Take a second and just imagine how you will feel by turning back the aging clock? How will it affect your work, social and family life? How good will it feel to say goodbye to the tired and fatigued you and replace her with someone that's full of energy and in optimal health who is able to run rings around their kids and inspire their family and friends to live a healthier lifestyle.

So, If You Want to Uncover How The Ancient Secrets of Fasting Can Help You Burn Fat, Promote Longevity and Boost Energy Then Scroll Up and Click "Add To Cart."

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