Thursday, May 08, 2014

A Year of Reading, Week 19: The Bone Clocks

Robogenesis by Daniel H. Wilson
The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell


I am reading... 

<-- this.

So far, 300 pages deep, I've encountered a Dr. Marinus, the family "Sykes," Hugo Lamb (and his cousin Jason Taylor), Felix Finch, a d'Arnoq, Mrs. Noakes, a "Thousand Autumns restaurant," Timothy Cavendish, and Luisa Rey, editor of Spyglass magazine. 

If none of that means anything to you, I'm sorry. If it does... breathe into that paperbag, it's going to be okay.

Even halfway through, I can't tell you much of what it's about other than it is as typically brilliant and genre-busting as we've come to expect from Mr. Mitchell. There are multiple timelines - in fact, the manipulation of time & space seems to be the underlying story here - many, many characters that "cross, crisscross, and recross (their) old tracks like figure skaters," and there are dozens of internal references to the "macro-novel" that is the David Mitchell canon. There is a mystical, sci-fi-ish element running throughout that I have yet to sort out - it reminds me a bit of A Wrinkle in Time, if that's any help. I promise to post a full nerd-out review & recap as soon as I'm finished with my first read-through. Because, let's be honest, this isn't the only time I'm going to read this badboy.

The publication date isn't until September 9, 2014 - sorry about that. But hey, the really, really, really good news - if you live in San Diego, especially - is that The Book Catapult is pairing up with Warwick's bookstore and hosting Mr. David Mitchell his own self on September 22. No videotaped conversation this time, people - he will be live and in person, I swear on a stack of Number9Dreams. I'll post more details as they come along, but remember the date - Monday, September 22 - and we will be at the auditorium in the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla.


  1. I'm crossing fingers and toes that I don't have to beat up too many people at BEA in order to get a copy of this. I wold like to be nice, I really would.

  2. RH is making a HUGE push on this one, so I'd imagine their galley stacks will be sky high at BEA. (They sent me a pre-ARC manuscript to read, so I'd imagine they'll pull out all the stops for BEA.)