Wednesday, May 12, 2010

117 Days of James Patterson - Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen, Chapter Fourteen
In the midst of canvassing the neighborhood around the Dowlings' house, Lindsay interviews a kid who claims to have seen shadows running around, dressed in black. Then she gets a text message from Yuki, who she calls back right away. Sometimes I think it's best to just let James speak for himself.
"God! I know her!" Yuki said.
"Know who?"
"Casey Dowling."
Frickin' grapevine. How could she have heard already?
"We went to law school together, Lindsay. Damn it. Casey was a sweetheart. A doll. When you catch the shooter, I'm going to fight for the case, and then I'm going to send Casey Dowling's killer straight to hell."
Chapter Fourteen word count: 361
Time spent reading Chapter Fourteen: 47.6 seconds
Total number of times the word "frickin'" has been used in the book: 6

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  1. Are you frickin' jealous that I'm starting "Tinkers" tonight? You know: A real book? (Or so they say.) Mwahahahahahaha.

  2. So cruel. I'm a trailblazer! A pioneer in a forbidden landscape! And it's not like I'm curling up every night with JPatt (either figuratively or literally). I've been reading (real book) Matterhorn as an escape - yes, I prefer the horrific bloodshed of war over any more Patterson than I'm already dealing with.

    Besides, Tinkers sounds like kind of a bummer to me. Let me know how it goes.

  3. I think this project might get you a slot in James Patterson's stable of co-writers. I think reading one of his books is the only pre-requisite.